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Camouflage Wetsuits

Today’s camouflage wetsuits are made with patterns you would find in the woods or the Military. Others seem to be making some kind of fashion statement with colors and patterns you would see in your local clothing store.

For the past 3 years our RealSea team has been developing a camo pattern that is unique to the marine environment. Our “MISSION WAS ACCOMPLISHED” with the RealSeaTM Marine Camo pattern.

RealSea is the only pattern that uses actual elements of the sea to create a true and lifelike pattern that we see almost every day out on the ocean. Sargasso Seaweed is the ultimate open water natural camouflage that we find on the surface and all the way thru the water column to the bottom. This amazing creation is  found in most of the warm water oceans of the world especially the Atlantic and Carribean.

RealSeaTM is so lifelike you will feel as though you are part of the ocean. The natural seaweed embedded in the perfectly matched sea background and 3D appearance will give concealment that you never would have dreamed possible. Whether you are hunting blue water or stalking the reef you will:

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